By jane2012, Nov 2 2014 11:51AM

Two posts in one day - I know!

This weekend, while waiting for new supplies of soda ash and wax to arrive I thought I'd keep myself busy by making my Christmas cards despite it being barely past Hallowe'en!

I've always wanted to have a go at using a cap (pronounced chap) which is a copper stamp commonly used in Indonesian batik as way to block print the wax resist onto fabric*. Anyway, necessity is the mother of invention so I decided to make my own simpler version using Xmas cookie cutters and surprisingly they worked really well! I've already made one batch of cards and am currently working on some more which will hopefully be up on my Etsy page really soon, the link to which you can find on my 'contact' page.

I've included some pictures below of the cap (and me) in action and one of my finished Xmas cards.

*If you're interested in finding out more about caps then you can a look here: . I don't know the author of this page so can't take responsibility for any content but it's a very interesting article and shows some lovely examples of these tools.