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As you've come this far I'm guessing you're interested enough to find out who I am and/or what I do.  Well...I'm an artist based in Milton Keynes, England.  My main art practice is and has always been textile based batik.  I was introduced to it at school by a favourite art teacher and I haven't been able to shake off the addiction since! I think this has been both a blessing and a curse in some ways, after all batik is not the most fashionable discipline and many people I talk to think of it as akin to 70s tie-dyeing. Obviously, I'm not of that opinion myself and am quick to point out as much - politely of course!


So, I've been batik-ing for longer than I care to remember; although I Iearned the basics at school my style and approach continues to develop and change.   A few years ago I began to incorporate hand stitching and applique into my work. It's painstaking work and can extend the production time of a batik to months, particularly the larger pieces.  Sometimes I wonder what made me decide that hand stitching was a good idea (aside from the fact that my machine sewing skills are woeful and my machine is older than I am) but I absolutely adore the process and I love the way the delicate stitches and beading complement the designs without it detracting from the fact that it is a batik.


Recently I have been experimenting with batik on wood.  This is a relatively new development in Indonesia too - one of the main producers of batik in the world.  Although there they tend to dye the wood, I use chalk paints instead.  You can see some examples of frames I have produced on the Batik on Wood Gallery page.  I really love this process and while it is also painstaking work (seriously, why do I do it to myself?!) to scrape back the top layer of paint to reveal the underlying design, it's so satisfying!


Well, thanks for reading, why not check out my galleries to see some of the work I have produced up to now.  I do sell my work and take commissions but I'm not particularly technical with this whole website thing and haven't managed to set up a shop I'm happy with, so if you would like to buy an existing batik or commission me to do one for you please get in contact:


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